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Our open adoption events are now over but do not be sad. We are still adopting out our beautiful Cats! Call us at 209.357.5425 or email us at info@lasthopesanctuary.org to set up an appointment to see any of our lovely adoptable Cats.

Last Hope is open by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule an appointment today

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Last Hope Cat Kingdom, a rescue for all types of domesticated cats, is situated on 18.5 acres in rural Atwater, CA. Until the events of June 26, 2013, Last Hope provided sanctuary to some 80 dogs, over 300 cats, four horses, 25 pigs, six goats, and six donkeys. Proudly no-kill in a county that euthanizes around 10,000 homeless animals a year, Last Hope takes in abandoned, neglected, abused, and otherwise lost animals and gives them a safe place to be cared for until they are either adopted or live out their lives naturally. At least 900 animals are adopted out each year, with that number growing annually as we expand our adoption opportunities. Those that do pass away in our care are kept in cold storage until they can be cremated at a local pet crematorium. We also facilitate the cremation of animals belonging to members of the public who are too grief-stricken to handle this sad task themselves.

Recently Last Hope received a call very like the many others we receive each day, about a cat named Snowball who had been abandoned by her people when they moved away. Snowball, not spayed, then gave birth to a litter of five babies. Neighbors did the best they could to help these animals, but could not protect them from the landlord with the bb gun who didn’t like to have cats on his property. Concerned for their safety, the neighbors called Last Hope and asked us to come get the little family. Unfortunately, when a Last Hope representative arrived on the scene she found the kittens very sick with feline upper respiratory illness, with the telltale signs of crusted-shut eyes and runny noses. Knowing that the cats would not survive much longer in their current situation, she brought them to the already-overloaded sanctuary where they were immediately given care and the mama was vaccinated and scheduled for spay surgery. Upper respiratory illness runs rampant amongst both stray and shelter cats, but it is eminently treatable and only constitutes a death sentence when not taken care of. We assume that these kittens were among the reported 200 animals put to death at our sanctuary last week.

Another suffering animal that came to us recently was Jack, a beautiful boxer who had been left for dead in a field. Lucky that someone happened upon him, Jack came in with a badly broken leg, fractured in three places. Jack was immediately rushed by Last Hope representatives to the local veterinarian who performed surgery and put his leg back together. The sweetest-natured of dogs, Jack was quickly adopted by a loving family that adores him. Last Hope spends an average of $3,000 a month on vet bills for cases such as these and other more routine vet visits.

A favorite mascot of the sanctuary is a gorgeous cat called Elizabeth Taylor, so named for her violet-blue eyes and full figure. Liz was in perfect health (although a bit on the chubby side) when she was seized last week. Her whereabouts remain unknown. (Update: Liz has been released into the care of a Last Hope volunteer. She is the only one of those seized to be released.) Pierre, a spunky poodle who has a cat-like talent for climbing fences, has the misfortune to have scabies, a treatable skin condition from which he was recovering when he was seized last week. We don’t know where he is or if he is receiving his treatments.

All of Last Hope’s animals are vaccinated and spayed or neutered, which means that each one has seen a veterinarian at least once. Staffing and financial challenges aside, every effort is made to provide a safe haven for animals who would otherwise be lost.

Want to help? You can help by donating your skills and time, money or goods (maybe stuff that you have but don’t need!) See our wish list here. Tax-deductible donations may be mailed or taken to the address at the top of the page. Last Hope is a private non-profit organization that operates only through the support of generous donors

Last Hope Cat Kingdom is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit


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